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Valter Longo is a longevity researcher at USC who’s spent many years studying how to preserve youth in accessible ways. Recently, a major breakthrough in nutritional science has made possible a longevity diet that he calls the “Fasting Mimicking Diet,” or FMD.

What is FMD?

The longevity diet Valter Longo developed consists of two parts: the “fasting” phase and the “whole foods” phase.

The fasting phase isn’t really fasting. Rather, it involves consuming a series of packaged herbal teas, soup blends, energy bars, oils, and drinks.

They are to be rationed over the course of five days. After those five days, the dieter can go on to the whole foods phase.

During the whole foods phase, the dieter can go back to eating “normal” food that they can get at the grocery store. They do have to make healthy eating choices, though, or all the space freed up during the fasting phase will be put to waste.

Longo lays out a detailed set of guidelines for this phase on his site. He recommends sticking mostly to a vegetable-based pescatarian diet to maximize the effects of the diet.

A breakfast of oatmeal, a lunch of soup and salad, a snack of mixed nuts, and a dinner of salmon with sweet potatoes is an example of a healthy meal schedule for a day. There are also FMD cookbooks that give more ideas for delicious meals following Longo’s guidelines.

How does Longo’s longevity diet work?

Vongo’s longevity diet supplements are specially formulated with micro- and macro-nutrients to provide nourishment to the body while not being processed fully.

Essentially, the body will not recognize the supplements as normal food, which means the dieter will get the massive health benefits provided by fasting — without the downsides of starving themselves.

Longo explains that when the body enters “fasting mode,” it begins shedding the things that aren’t necessary to run. That mostly includes damaged cells and unneeded proteins. It basically burns those things for fuel.

When the body stops fasting and begins receiving normal food again, it can start to rebuild everything that was lost. But the replacements won’t be broken or used.

Essentially, a portion of the body is replaced with brand new versions of the old components.

Combination of Healthy Diet and Regular Physical Exercise | Live Longer With Valter Longo's Longevity Diet | Research and Wellness

What makes FMD better than other longevity diets?

There are a few important aspects that make FMD more effective than other supposed longevity diets.

It’s Only Five Days

Diets are great in theory, but actually sticking to them full-time is impossible for most people.

Usually, people will start off strong with a new diet but abandon it after a week or less. But since a dieter only has to fast on Valter Longo’s longevity diet for five days before eating their fill again for 40 days, it’s much more likely you’ll stick to it.

If you diet in short stretches every now and then, you’re likely to meet your goal each time you try. And FMD is by far the biggest bang for your buck you can get with that intermittent dieting method.

It Won’t Make You Miserable

Another hard truth about diets is that most of them make you miserable.

They force you to abide by a complex set of rules whenever mealtime rolls around. They make you eat only foods you don’t want. And many of them make you literally starve yourself, causing harmful and sometimes permanent side effects.

Longo’s longevity diet does none of this. Even during the fasting phase, you’ll get just enough nutrients to keep you feeling on top of your game. And during the whole foods phase, you’ll get to eat as much as you want — as long as you are eating right.

“I preach eating more, but more of different types of foods,” Longo explains.

“Once you identify the thirty to forty foods that work for you consistently, you don’t have to go around with a manual. You just eat.”

It Burns Fat, But not Muscle

By triggering the body’s “fasting mode,” FMD gets rid of only the excess materials in the body. This means it will shed the useless proteins like fat and keep the healthy proteins like muscle. Because of that, the diet is beneficial to all body types, not just those that want to slim down.

In addition, it will not leave the dieter feeling constantly weak and drained like most deprivation-based regimens.

Combination of Healthy Diet and Regular Physical Exercise | Live Longer With Valter Longo's Longevity Diet | Research and Wellness

Besides FMD, how can I increase my longevity?

Here are some things you can do, according to Longo:

Stay Active

Longo says that getting at least 150 minutes per week is important. But he continues that the key is incorporating that 150 minutes into your lifestyle rather than trying to force yourself to actively work out.

Exercising your mind is just as important as your body. Things like books or puzzles that keep you thinking are important as well.

Spend Your Outside

Believe it or not, just spending time outside breathing fresh air and soaking up some sunlight will dramatically increase life expectancy. This often goes hand-in-hand with staying active, although just sitting on a park bench is a lot better for longevity than sitting in an office.

Change Your Diet As You Age

Older people need more fats and proteins to help protect them from disease. During your 60s, it’s okay to add a bit more of those things to your diet. Maybe eat a bit more eggs, or goat milk, or white meat.

Drink Coffee or Tea, Not Alcohol

A little coffee or tea is actually good for you. They stimulate your brain and help protect against autoimmune diseases like alzheimers and diabetes. People who drink the beverages actually live 20-30% longer than those who don’t.

Keep in mind that caffeine is highly addictive and that consuming too much can lead to heart problems. Like most things, drink coffee and tea in moderation.

Also, stay away from alcohol. It’s essentially poison for those looking to increase longevity.

Valter Longo’s longevity diet is the result of decades of research into juventology and epidemiology. It’s been a mainstay in the nutritional community for quite some time, because of how effective it is in not only weight loss but also overall health improvement.

Another thing that sets Longo’s regimen apart is how painless it is, and how feasible it is to fully utilize it.

We now invite you to join those who have experienced firsthand the effects of FMD and experience that difference for yourself.