TruDiagnostic has a special offer for being a valued listener of Ben Greenfield!

TruDiagnostic has a special offer for being a valued listener of Ben Greenfield!

With coupon code BEN50 at checkout, you can get the TruAge Kit for $50 off.

Learn how old you REALLY are.

With coupon code BEN50 at checkout, you can get the TruAge Kit for $50 off.

Learn how old you REALLY are.

Use Coupon Code: BEN50

What is Biological Age?

Everyone knows their chronological age. Chronological age is the number of candles that are on top of your cake and the birthdays that you celebrate (or sometimes don’t!).
However, developments in science have created another measurement of age called biologic age. This measurement of age is based on years of statistical research which can predict how healthy you are and even when you might pass away. 
The novel DNA biomarker uses markers on your DNA called methylation to predict your age. Your biological age is more accurate at predicting health span (how healthy you are) and lifespan (how long you will live) than any previous molecular biomarker.
Ideally, everyone would want their biological age to be less than their chronological age. This means that you are living a lifestyle that is healthy and will help you stay free of sickness and disease longer. 

Your Biological Age vs Chronological Age​

This shows your biological age is higher than your chronological age

"The TruAge™ Treatment Framework

Your EpiAge™ Ratio

You show accelerated aging. Your EpiAge™ Ratio is 1.29 (31 divided by 24)

How is This Different From Generic Tests ?

Optimize Your Quality of Life with a SINGLE Marker of Health

TruDiagnostic kits measures what your body is doing, not what it can do

Traditional genetic tests like and 23andMe tell you your DNA sequence. This is like looking at a light bulb and its components but not knowing if the bulb is producing light. Epigenetics however, lets us know if the light bulb is turned on or off.

TruAge uses validated methods such as blood

While we know that saliva or urine is easier to collect, those methods don’t have the scientific background supporting their use. We don’t compromise results for the easy collection, thus we can guarantee accurate and useful results from science.

TruDiagnostic is the most comprehensive testing method of its kind!

Your DNA can be methylated at locations called CpGs. There are over 28 million of these locations in the human genome. Most biological age calculations tests only 2,000 and often only use 500 spots when they calculate your age. TruDiagnostic’s TruAge kit tests over 850,000 spots on the genome which is 425 times more important data than any other test on the market!

Why is it Important?

When we are born, all of our cells have the same DNA. The cells in your eyes have the same DNA as the cells in your hair. So what makes them different?
The answer is each cell chooses to turn on some genes and turn others off. Your eyes express different genes than your hair. This is called expression, and it is controlled by the markers we measure with our TruAge test. 
Unfortunately, as we age, expression can become much harder to regulate. The genes which should be expressed in your eyes aren’t regulated as well and you start to lose function.  In fact, aging is defined as the progressive loss of function as you age! 
We want to give you this complex information in an easy format so you can age slower and even REVERSE your epigenetic age.

Don’t forget to use coupon code BEN50, you can get the TruAge Kit for $50 off!

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TruAge Epigenetic Test Kit


TruAge is the world’s most accurate test to show you your biological age. Our epigenetic superclock uses deep-machine learning to test over 850,000 data points on your genome while competitors only test 2,000. TruAge gives you the only health metric you should actually care about, your biological age.